Dopo avervi mostrato la parodia di New Moon, ecco un divertente video musicale che ironizza sul blockbuster di Christopher Nolan, Il cavaliere oscuro. Il filmato mostra un Batman confuso dalla complessità della trama del film, e viene così aiutato a scoprirne il senso dal suo maggiordomo Alfred e dalla sua nemesi Joker. A interpretare tutti i personaggi è sempre lo stesso attore, Mark Douglas, aiutato dal green screen, mentre la musica è del giovane newyorkese Jake Chudnow. Nel filmato del “dietro le quinte”, vediamo i due artisti durante un brainstorming alla ricerca delle parole più divertenti per la parody-song, e Douglas mentre si prepara a interpretare i suoi personaggi.
Il video inizia con la fuga di Batman e con un simpatico dialogo tra il commissario Gordon e suo figlio:
Figlio: «Perché sta scappando papi?».
Gordon: «Perché dobbiamo inseguirlo».
Figlio: «Perché?».
Gordon: «Perché non è un eroe. È un guardiano notturno che veglia su di noi. Il cavaliere oscuro.
Figlio: «Non capisco».
Gordon: «Neanche io. Ma sembra una figata».

Per leggere il nostro speciale sui supereroi al cinema, clicca qui.

Sotto il video-clip e il filmato del Dietro le quinte, il testo della canzone originale:

Video musicale:

Dietro le quinte:

Testo della canzone:

FIGLIO di Gordon: Batman! Why is he running, Dad?

GORDON: Because we have to chase him.


GORDON: Because he can take it. Because he’s not a hero, he’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector, the Dark Knight.

FIGLIO: I dont get it.

GORDON: Neither do I son, but it sounds cool

BATMAN: As I ride on my bike at the end of Dark Knight.
Theres a few plot points that just dont feel right.

Like why the hell did I agree to take the rap
Harvey Dent killed those people. Who gives a crap?

And the Joker pulls crimes in such an orderly manner
He must write it down in an evil day planne

His henchmen are psycho and expendable
Yet somehow completely dependable

And why is Morgan Freeman all pissed at me?
He seemed to resign kind of randomly

It’s OK to build me an armored tank-car
But ooh, tapping phones, that’s going too far

CHORUS: This movie of my life just doesn’t hold together
At least is beats the crap out of Batman Forever

I enjoy car chases, explosions and suspense
Is it too much to ask that it all make sense?

ALFRED: No no Master Wayne, you don’t understand
You cant kill a symbol, but you can kill a man

BATMAN: If I want to quit then thats my choice

ALFRED: Were alone you don’t have to use that voice
And what about Ms. Dawes it’s like you just forgot her

BATMAN: In Batman Begins she was so much hotter

ALFRED: Joker, are you busy? Lets call a truce.
I need you to help explain the plot toBatman

JOKER: Call me insane, but I consider us friends
I brought the DVD so we can watch it again

ALFRED: I’ll make the popcorn and pour the sherry
Ooh, maybe we could watch it with the commentary

BATMAN: How does Harvey Dent do total 180?

ALFRED: Well they barbequed his face and he lost his lady

BATMAN: When did you have time rig up both of those boats

JOKER: Does talking that way ever damage your throat?

BATMAN: Well at least they got rid of Joel Schumacher

JOKER: You know movie is really good the Hurt Locker

BATMAN: Oh I heard that was good. I’ve been meaning to see it.

ALFRED: Whose in it?

JOKER: Anthony Mackie

ALFRED: I dont know who that is.

JOKER: He was in Eight Mile.

ALFRED: Oh, he the guy who hosted the rap battles.

BATMAN: No that was Mekhi Phifer.

ALFRED: Joker youre getting white makeup all over the popcorn.

JOKER: Sorry, Hey did I ever tell you how I got these scars?

BATMAN: YES! Several versions.

ALFRED: Maybe some other people would like to hear the story.